Cogwheel increase and decrease velocity machine  Cogwheel increase and decrease velocity machine  Geared motor

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TOSHIBA Gold motor & Permanent magnet motor

In these epoc making energy-saving era,motors applied not only for fans and pumps but also for industrial uses has been regulated by the rules at the point of efficiency view. We are able to offer the IEC IE2 or IE3 complied motor as well as GB ,KS,NEMA,JIS regulated premium efficiency motors manufactured by the world wide top suppliers. With these choice, we could contribute this energy-saved earth in the near future.

ISK GEARDiameter 2400 Gear for shipcrane by hub cutter

In the gear's and reducer's market field,nowadays the mechanical transmitting efficiency is another keyword to satisfy this energy-saving trend. Spur gears and Straight bevel gears are tuned into Helical gears and Spiral bevel gears,and non-ground gears are replaced by the teeth-ground gears year by year. In case of worm gears, only doble enveloped worm gears are survived in the worm gear market.Nowadays most populer player is the planetary gear drives,and we do offer thease high efficiency gears and reducers and geard motor products for all over the world.

PiPiTaroP-P bad cutter mashine "PiPiTaro" made by MEIWA KOSAKUSHO

In the 21century world, the earth itself desire the equipments to solve the wasted goods problem and the wasted water problem and the recycle process problem.
These equipments for the refused disposals plant, the sewage plants,the recycling plant are selected to minimize the environmental loads to this earth ,and does good jobs to our human beings. We could offer these excellent machines by our engineering partners.